The End
A man sits at his desk in front of him a computer monitor and pictures of a beautiful women and a small young boy. In the last week he had lost everything, a car wreck took his wife and son. The military treated him well while he was in but after he got out he got a job as a police officer, that is when his life really started and he met the women of his dreams. The grief from losing the people closest to him dulled all of his senses in the previous week. The world he once knew was just a dark and unforgiving place. Going through the motions in the last week doing all of the things a parent and spouse hopes they would never have to do. He was ready for it to end there was nothing left for him to live for. Removing a set of keys from his pocket, he begins reaching the key toward the locked drawer in his desk. The key slides into the lock and he quickly realizes that his senses that have been dulled sense he heard about the accident are now at their peak performance. Twisting the key in the lock he hears every mechanism in it begin to release. The drawer begins to slide open, reaching in and removing his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. (His standard issue sidearm.) Extending both of his hands on the desk in front of him, pistol in his right hand. Staring forward no expression on his face as he begins to drift off into distant memories. slipping into a memory of the first time he ever saw the love of his life he remembers how absolutely beautiful she was and how he knew the moment that he saw her that he could not live without her. That memory begins to fade into another and he is standing at the altar where him and his wife are getting married. Staring right into each others eyes she spoke. “I do”. Again everything begins to fade away into darkness. The darkness quickly begins to subside and he is walking around a hospital room in the middle of the night looking down at his baby boy sleeping in his arms and the feeling of purpose, real purpose rushed over him. Looking up from the baby boy at his wife sleeping in the hospital bed. He moves over to the side of the bed putting his cheek on hers nudging her a bit holding the baby up so they both can see him, her eyes opened just a little and she smiles. “We got really lucky didn’t we?” She said. He nods his head rubbing his cheek on hers. She drifts back off into slumber. Still sitting at his desk tears begin to build in his eyes and a tear streams down his cheek. Leaning back in his chair pistol still in hand, he begins to raise the pistol up to his head. Feeling the circular chill of the icy steel barrel on his temple. At that moment a vision of his son walking into the room wife following just behind, a smile fractures his emotionless face and one last tear rolls down his cheek as he squeezes the trigger.

–Derek Davis–


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