Ryann (Elyntr0py)

Hey! Elyntr0py here!

Currently Playing: Hearthstone & LoL
Previously Played: TF2, WoW, Diablo, DayZ, Infestation Stories, Heroes of the Storm, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy 14 Realm Reborn and many more I’m too lazy to think of at the moment.

PCMasterRace. Even though FPS is not really my thing, I love me some TF2 and am super excited for Blizzard’s Overwatch. Mercy-Symmetra anyone? I was a founding member of Fidelis several years ago when it started as a WoW guild, and I’m so glad that it’s still my home away from home. These guys are like family, just ask Desmond. If you know me longer than 5 seconds, you already know the extent of my foul language — meh. I’m fucking passionate.

I currently control Adalai, the greedy alchemist, in Fidelis’ RP Adventure: The Natural Ones. You can listen to me blow shit up in our podcast.
If listening to an hour long Pathfinder session isn’t for you, I also draw/animate/produce, the hopefully amusing, The Natural Ones: TLDL! 🙂



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